Criada em 2016, a Lostroom Portugal oferece experiências de Escape em Realidade Virtual num espaço criado e pensado para os nossos clientes.

Os participantes tornam-se heróis no desenrolar da acção, e em conjunto completam desafios, viajam, disparam lasers e lutam contra inimigos.

Venha conhecer e divertir-se ao concluir uma experiência inigualável !!!


Lostroom is the latest worldwide phenomenon that uses cutting edge technology to make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely. Nothing that has come before – TV, 3D movies or video games can compare to the experience of stepping fully inside a lostrrom.

Uma criança foi raptada por um psicopata. Está num coma profundo, e a única forma de a encontrar é através...

Earth is in danger. A portal has been opened releasing black matter and unless you and your team can close it,...

  •   It was a very interesting experience. The puzzles were relatively simple but we only just made it in time due to my inability to move that fast around the game. I came down with awful travel sickness! I don't think I'm cut out for such...More

    thumb Chelsea B

      The game was fun but the tech was not 100% reliable for all the members(6) of our group. The overall experience was good though.

    thumb RicardoAxe

      Being the first and only Escape Game using Virtual Reality in Portugal, LostRoom is definitely an experience that everyone should take. As a fan of "old school" Escape Games and a newbie in Virtual Reality-stuff, at first I was a bit skeptical about the games,...More

    thumb Andreia F
  •   Excellent experience all my friends have had fun.definitely I do recommend it.... I visited Lisbon last week and it was one of the funniest experiences I had there.

    thumb domenikbest

      Awesome!!!! Excellent activity to do in group and have fun. The games are very well done and good to play as they give us different types of sensations. We can feel the emotions rising up. The location is 5 starts as it is close to...More

    thumb Joao A


Requires 2-6 players per session
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