Virtual Reality is a relatively new phenomenon. It allows us to experience things that
would never be possible in real life, being one of the most brutal pieces of technology.

I am Afonso and I am an entrepreneur with a passion for what goes beyond normal.
My team is always looking for the extraordinary and that is why we have brought the
most incredible experience ever to Portugal, Escape Rooms with Virtual Reality.

So join us in this adventure and ... come save the world!


The games have no limits and you will be transported to worlds that you would not otherwise hace access to. Players fly at zero gravity, solve puzzles and fire lasers at robots.

Better yet, it's multiplayer! Remember? Like the old days, you went to your friends'house to order pizza, drinks , and video games all night.



Interested in organizing Team Building events or corporate events?

How about
celebrating special occasions, social events or parties?

We consider our games to be among the best Team Building exercises available in
Portugal as they promote communication, strengthen teamwork and the bonds of
friendship between team members by playing our games as teams that share
corporate goals and who have fun at the same time!

We believe we have the perfect solution for these events.
We have dedicated resources especially to companies and special events.

Please contact us for details on private corporate events.

(+351) 210 993 008
(+351) 912 220 726


  • Come and celebrate with us!
  • We decorate and you play!
  • Call for prices and bookings for groups of more than 6 people