Only 11.99€ per person!


2 Players - 23.98€
3 Players - 35.97€
4 Players - 47.96€
5 Players - 59.95€
6 Players - 71.94€


Students under the age of 25*, pay 9.99€.


Celebrate with us and PLAY FREE on your birthday! **



This game is played in space on a space station and you have to get back to earth.

Mind Horror

This game is in the mind of a psychopath who kidnapped a child and you have to know where the child is.

* Students must present their student card in order to obtain the discount.

** It is only possible to enjoy the birthday discount up to 1 week after the date of birth.

The various discounts available at the time of their appointment can not be enjoyed
simultaneously. This way, you can only benefit from a discount per session.

Lostroom Portugal informs that people who have some type of motor deficiency at the hands
level will not be able to play, since during the game you will need to use these to overcome
certain challenges.

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